Classic Wrist Wraps 24'' w/ Thumb loop

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These are the same great quality wrist wraps we use for our Classic Wraps now with a thumb loop. We tested a variety of materials, each one unique and one of a kind until we created our CLASSIC WRAPS. The quality of these wraps is a cumulating of years of hard-work and testing, and they're sure to be your new favorite!
The only difference between these wraps and yours is that you just don't have these yet! They are comfortable yet stiff around the wrist that's perfect to carry on during workouts as well as at meets when you all your hard work really counts.

  • Redesigned loop to fit your thumb
  • Made with Stiffer material
  • Overall length is 24 inches excluding velcro.
  • Width of the wrap is 3 inches.
  • Velcro has a width of 1.5 inches to secure your wraps.

Hand wash with light detergent and let air dry. Not following these instructions will void any warranty.

*It is advised to NOT machine wash this product.

Tearing the label off will damage the integrity of your wrist wraps. Any label found torn off will immediately void any warranty.


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Customer Reviews

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Jose Ceja
Best wrist wraps

i purchased my wrist wraps at the grandslam rookie meet and oh my i tried them out today and i noticed a significant difference for one my wrist pain was gone i was able to really attack the weight without having to hold back due to wrist pain now i just wish i would’ve gotten that fanny pack too