About Us

Let me paint a picture of who we are, now I want you to imagine the strongest person in your life right now. Not physically, but mentally above all else. The person who could take a beating day in and day out, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and well you get the point! 

That's not us, but it could be. In front of you are two men who have not just gone out to seek knowledge, but to apply it! A few short years later Nightmare Muscle is growing, and stemmed a few other ventures. Fit Print Bros - a print company for the strength community, Breaking PRs Media- a media company here to capture the moments that you'll never forget so you can share with your friends and family, and our Newest Edition to the family, Double E Coaching - A Personal Development business for Personal Trainers, Small Business owners, and anyone trying to get their lives to the next level!

@yourfriend_ryan the Creative Director behind the designs here at Nightmare Muscle as well as the Lead Development and Head Coach at Double E Coaching

@michealaponsay the Operation specialist, with this super power; you can find yours too with our coaching. He manages and handles most day to day operations for the business' as well as help spearhead distribution network systemization.

@breakingprs the Media director, and the resident story teller. His job is to help forge our story and yours through the lens of his camera! With both pictures and videos this man is a magician of an artist. Do not let his lion's mane fool you, he is an artist none the less!