Midnight Singlet

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Unleash your inner athlete and embrace the power of our exceptional Midnight Black On Black Singlet! Designed exclusively for dedicated athletes like you, this singlet is a game-changer in powerlifting apparel, setting new standards of excellence.

Crafted with a premium blend of fabric, our Midnight Black On Black Singlet strikes the perfect balance between comfort and performance. Experience the luxurious softness of cotton combined with the stretch and flexibility provided by lycra. It’s a winning combination that allows you to move with unparalleled freedom and agility during your lifts.

Approved by prestigious federations including USPA, USAPL, WRPF, and more, your Midnight Singlet embodies the essence of athletic prowess. It has been meticulously designed to meet and exceed the rigorous standards set by elite athletes, ensuring your complete compliance on the platform.

Step onto the stage with confidence as the Midnight Singlet enhances your view on yourself, allowing you to execute your lifts with unrivaled precision. Whether it’s a deep squat, explosive bench press, or a formidable deadlift, this singlet moves seamlessly with your body, maximizing your potential and performance.

Experience a new level of comfort as you push your limits. The cotton-lycra mix in our singlet offers superior breathability, ensuring optimal moisture management and keeping you cool and dry throughout your intense workouts and competitions. Stay focused, stay comfortable, and unleash your full athletic potential.

Not only does our Midnight Black On Black Singlet deliver outstanding performance, but it also exudes a bold and powerful aesthetic fit. The sleek black design, combined with the impeccable fit, exudes an air of confidence and strength, making a statement as you step onto the platform. This is the attire that champions wear, and it’s time to claim your place among the elite.

Elevate your powerlifting journey with the Midnight Black On Black Singlet—a fusion of comfort, performance, and style. Become part of a select group of athletes who demand the very best in their pursuit of greatness.

Claim your Midnight Black On Black Singlet today and experience the unbeatable combination of cotton and lycra. It’s time to unlock your true potential, redefine your limits, and leave an indelible mark in the world of powerlifting.

Please ensure to review your federation’s specific regulations and guidelines before using the singlet in official competitions.


Refer to our size chart to find the perfect BEAST Singlet for your needs:

  • XXXS: 40-55 lbs
  • XXS: 56-80 lbs
  • XS: 81-100 lbs
  • SM: 101-125 lbs
  • MED: 126-155 lbs
  • LG: 156-190 lbs
  • XL: 191-220 lbs
  • 2XL: 221-250 lbs
  • 3XL: 251-280 lbs
  • 4XL: 281-310 lbs
  • 5XL: 311-340 lbs
  • 6XL: 341-370 lbs