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nightmare muscle

Serape Shorts

Serape Shorts

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This is more of a story, read below if you care. If not swipe through the pics for sizing information.


Serape or Sarape depending where you're from is something that just reminds me of home. I grew up in a mixed home, normally I refrain from speaking about my personal life or background for my own reasons. However this shirt is my ode to you all and a little bit of who I am.

What makes Nightmare Muscle great is the diversity of people who turn the wheels and keep the lights on. Over the years we have done something for everyone of our backgrounds and have more in store for the people who have come on and we haven't represented yet. But for me this means a lot because I am Mexican-American and I never felt Mexican enough or American enough growing up. I was in this middle ground between what is expected of you by the world when you take claim to ethnicity and what you actually are as a person. Regardless if you are some one who resonates with the serape tee and shorts this is an ode to you if you ever felt like an inbetweener* of cultures, identities, or something you feel like no one understand let this drop personify whoever you are. 

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