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So you want to be a little different? Maybe Boujee or not. Either way; we F*kin' LOVE IT! Let's start! Pick the quantity that would fit your needs. Whether you're trying to get a gift, or you trying to get your whole squad dripped down.

Pick your singlet size for when you are not on a diet, drank plenty of water, never skipped a meal etc. This will ensure the singlet fits you PHENOMENALLY! If you muscular AF go up one size. We do not suggest getting a singlet for a dieting/weight cut meet; get it for what you will weigh after weigh ins! 

As soon as you buy your singlet email us at "" with the subject line "CUSTOM SINGLET" if you have logos send them to us in vector format please, any ideas you have put them in this email!

This deal does not cover custom logos or artwork work we need to do on low res images and graphics.

Singlets singles or teams are on a 7-14 day lead time. (Excluding Holidays which increases shipping lead times)


  • XXXS 40-55LBS
  • XXS 56-80LBS
  • XS 81-100LBS
  • SM 101-125LBS
  • MED 126-155LBS
  • LG 156-190LBS
  • XL 191-220LBS
  • 2XL 221-250LBS
  • 3XL 251-280LBS
  • 4XL 281-310LBS
  • 5XL 311-340LBS
  • 6XL 341-370LBS

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love NM singlets. They’re comfortable and don’t squeeze your thighs too tight. if you have shorter limbs like i do, they’re also easy to hem. Overall the quality, comfort, and stretch are amazing. Can’t go wrong with a custom singlet either. There’s so many possibilities. Mike and Ryan are super creative and hella cool peoples. I’d definitely give it try!

Team Custom Singlets

We ordered a bunch of custom team singlets and they all came out perfect. The entire process was super simple to get exactly what we were looking for. All the graphics came out sick & have people asking for us to order more!