When you're surrounded by your nightmares don't give in! Push through and come out stronger!

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HUSCLE Forever!

The epitome of what Nightmare Muscle is the HUSCLE! Life is tough, and we like to think those who wear Nightmare Muscle are just a little bit tougher!

Huscle Harder


We take pride being involved with our community and seeing each of you smash your goals; No matter the sport! We got your back.

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Nightmare Muscle

We might work too hard lol, don't know when to quit, will get up over and over no matter how hard you hit us, if you go to war with us you will feel like you lost even if you won. This tenacity, and audacity is what we think really seperates us from other business' and brands. We recognize life is hard but if you keep getting up and working harder despite those set backs you have a spot at our table always.-Nightmare Muscle